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Not bad... Not too great either

Other than the fact that you totally ripped off bunnykill, which isn't horrible I guess, but not cool (unless you asked the original creator), your flash was alright. The animation was nothing very spectacular, you used a lot of effects to mask the fact that you were either too lazy or too incapable of doing real animation, thus a lot of flashing and a lot of frame skipping, but still, not bad. It also seemed like by the end you got REALLY lazy and decided to do a very halfassed ending. The least you could ahve done was had the bunnies with the sunglasses shoot AT the UFO ship, but no, I guess that would be too difficult. Anyway, if it weren't for the fact that you copied bunnykill (and failed pretty badly) I would say this was not a bad flash at all, but seeing as you lack originality, and was a little lazy about whole thing in general, I can't look too highly upon this flash.

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Not very good

So what do you do, do you go and vote five on your own shit every single day or something? I find it very hard to believe that you received 233 votes with only 620 views. And i find it impossible to believe that this got a 2.43.

Anyway, your movie had very low content/graphics quality etc. for its filesize, the speech was horrible, and it just wasn't very funny at all, sorry, try again, or wait, don't.

And stop voting on your own shit.

da-pope responds:

I swear I did not vote on this more then like 3 times... Maybe the people who vote high on the other 2 Tommy's life movies voted high on this one to?

A little boring

I personally thought that it was a little on the boring side. You really felt the three minutes, and I just sat there bored as hell. The graphics could have been a lot better, especially the .swf file guy. He looked ridiculously ugly and I wanted him to die, (would've given you some violence points ;D).

Through the whole movie, the only things I actually liked were the green liquid, and the blam/protect judgement part. That part was pretty original and you get style points for the whole shebang.

The ending wasn't too great and it looked like you rushed to finish the movie and got lazy at the end.

Keep at it though

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Hey i thought this was plain awesome. The idea was great. There were a few things wrong with it though. It was just plain too easy. I cud just hold down the attack button and it wud repeatedly attack, even though the other guy wud hit me once in a while, i'd still have more hits, and win. Another thing is that it's possible to push the block and the attack button at the same time, making it impossible to lose. I loved the graphics, and the idea. Minimus =D. It was a awesome flash game, but you just gotta fix a few things.

What's all the hype about?

What's with you all, jeez, if you're gonna be so critical about stuff, you'd better have some of your own work that is better than his to back it up. Otherwise, if u're gonna tell him how much it sux, at least tell him how he can do better, stead of a simple, this sux ass type thing. what a buncha whining pussies. Anyways, i thought it was purty good, cept that you gotta put some more effort into programming the dieing sequences for the snowmen, and make em shoot ya back. Good try anyways.

Noxi0us responds:

Thanks. At the time that I made this game I didn't know much about Flash. Now I know more and I have a partner. Our company name = Strangehill Studios. We're working on a new game which will be an improvement on all of mine.

Learning ta make flash movies/games myself, tough stuff i might say, so i applaud those of you who make these flash movies and games, great work! =P

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